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ST Localization

Cross-Platform Solution

ST Localization

Translate your app quickly and easily.

Everything is in your hands. Imagine, create and enjoy!

Add multilingual support to your applications with ST Localization.
This lightweight resource allows you to localize text, video, sounds, download and export CSV & TXT, and much more!


Easy: Add the languages you want to support, add a translation for each phrase, and update the text/image/sound etc. to localize them, all in just a few clicks!

CSV & TXT import/export: Automatically load/upload localizations from text files to speed up your workflow!

ST Localization

Text Mesh Pro: Support for Text Mesh Pro Text components!

ST Localization

Language saving: If the user changes the language of the application in real time, his new choice will be automatically saved for the next time!

ST Localization

Language Auto-Detection: The language of your app will automatically be detected when the user starts the game, you can even pick the method to determine this!

ST Localization


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