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RoomPlan for Unity Kit

Scan rooms, spaces and objects around you easily and professionally!

Everything is in your hands. Imagine, create and enjoy!

The RoomPlan Unity Kit is a set of tools that allow you to easily implement, interact with the RoomPlan API and ARKit in the Unity environment for your application.


AR Foundation support: RoomPlan for Unity Kit is fully compatible with ARFoundation and is ready to use and interact with all available features in Unity (iOS 17+). 

Creating a 3D room model: RoomPlan for Unity Kit allows you to create a 3D model of an interior room using device sensors, trained machine learning models, and Unity's rendering capabilities.

Detection of physical structures: The RoomPlan API analyzes camera video feeds and LiDAR data to identify walls, windows, doors, and other physical structures in a room.

RoomPlan for Unity Kit
RoomPlan for Unity Kit
RoomPlan for Unity Kit
RoomPlan for Unity Kit

Processing of scan results: Scan results are displayed in a parametric data format, allowing the application to modify individual components of the scanned room.

Merge scans: You can combine the scans of several rooms into a single structure (CapturedStructure). This allows you to create a model file and analyze specific shapes, sizes, or objects that RoomPlan observes in the structure.

Support for rooms with different floors and surfaces: Scanned structures support rooms with different floor heights and rooms on different floors in a building.


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